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How to Perfect your Landing Page Design


What is a Landing Page and a Good Landing Page Design?

If you don’t have landing pages, you are missing a crucial piece of your marketing plan and online strategy. Having a variety of landing pages directing to your site helps convert customers and also gives you valuable data on your marketing campaigns.

What is a Landing Page?

Defining a landing page is pretty simple. When you click on a website link or ad, it is literally the first thing that your browser lands on. From a marketing perspective, your landing page differs from your home page. This is specifically the type of landing page or ‘LP’ we are going to focus on today. 

Landing pages serve one purpose: to convert. LPs are a simplified version of your web page that focuses on conversion. Every piece of your landing page is laser-focused on this goal and guides the user to this call to action. This could be getting a sale, signing up for your email list, or offering some sort of free content. Landing pages have a higher conversion rate because they are simple and easy to understand, rather than a home page which has many options for a wider audience.

How do I Design my Landing Page?

Every landing page looks a bit different, but they mainly share the same elements. We love this infographic by Disruptive Advertising because it paints a really nice picture of how to set up the ideal landing page.

Landing Page Design Infographic by Disruptive Advertising
Landing Page Design Infographic from Disruptive Advertising

It’s very important to not overwhelm your landing page design with too many elements on the page. Choose one conversion you are aiming for and focus on getting that one thing done.

If you clutter the page with too much information or more than one call to action, it can get confusing for the visitor and they probably won’t convert. Guide them to your CTA with text that draws them in and makes them interested, and use pictures that are pleasing to the eye and related to your site. Focus on engaging them and guiding them down the path with great content. After they are engaged on the page, hit them with a strong call to action to finish it and get your product in their hands.

Why do I Need LPs?

Landing pages are really important to have for a few reasons. If you have an ad that drives people to your website homepage, they probably will be overwhelmed with options and not explore your site or revisit. LPs guide and educate your visitor so they are more likely to turn into a customer. 

Landing pages are also crucial to your marketing campaigns. When you pair a landing page with an ad, you can customize the page to the people you are targeting to increase your conversion rate. This also allows you to track each ad campaign so you can look at analytics to focus your efforts and perfect your marketing strategy. 

How Many Landing Pages Should I Have?

Studies show that websites with more landing pages have a much higher conversion rate. According to, businesses that have 40 or more LP’s can see 500% more conversions than businesses with 10 landing pages. The number really varies from business to business, but increasing the amount and variety of landing pages you have will most likely help you gain customers if you have a solid strategy for each one. You should have a different landing page for every marketing campaign you have and tailor each landing page for your target market and ad strategy.

Increasing your amount of landing pages could also help with your SEO strategy. The more quality content you create, the better your site will rank and the better it will perform for customers. You can use different landing pages for social media, ad campaigns, email lists, and even in-person marketing campaigns (ex. QR codes on business cards or pamphlets).

You can also use landing pages to separate your target market based on their demographics and their movement through the buyers journey. By segmenting your target market with specific landing pages and ad campaigns, your customers will be more likely to convert. The more you segment, the more specific you can get with verbiage and strategies, which helps to cater to each segment of your market.

One more reason to have more landing pages is to test your marketing strategies. By creating different versions of each landing page, you can A/B test and compare conversion rates to see what is performing best. This allows you to then discover what is working and narrow down your marketing plan to convert more customers.

The exact number will vary per business, but in general, as long as each landing page has a goal, the more you have, the better.

How Can Software Harmonics, LLC help?

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