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Save time and money for your business through Business Process Automation solutions.

What is Automation?

Automation isn’t a new concept. You use it in your day to day life, whether you know it or not. Maybe you used a Keurig to start brewing your coffee before you got up this morning, or your sprinkler system goes off every evening at 6 PM to water your lawn. These processes save us time and stress, and they allow us to allocate energy into more important parts of our day. 

It’s human nature to discover ways to run more efficiently. Solution development is a part of your everyday life as a business, and we understand that this is crucial in order to thrive. The industrial revolution brought on mechanical automation, and the technological revolution has brought us software automation.

Why Should I Automate My Business?

Is your team using spreadsheets, manual timers, or even paper? Are they repeating tedious but important tasks? Are you still sending your client’s paper invoices and receipts?

Then it is time to automate!

BPA, or Business Process Automation, is when you take one of these tasks and implement software to have it done behind the scenes on a schedule aka automatically. 

Software can be created to seamlessly complete repetitive jobs that you are wasting manpower on. This yields higher profit margins and allows employees to focus on the critical tasks that run your business. Automating requires an initial investment, but it pays off in time & efficiency. The question is not if you should automate, it is what you need to automate and when you will implement it. Automation can scale with your business and grow your processes with consistency. 

How Do I Use Business Process Automation Solutions?

Take a look at your daily tasks as a business. Is there a way you can make these jobs simpler and more straightforward? Automation is most easily applied to the tasks that are repetitive and important to your daily business functions. 

Common areas to automate are marketing, customer service, and recruitment. If your business is spending a lot of time marketing, try implementing a marketing system that sends off a set of emails when someone signs up for your email list. If you are putting a lot of energy into new hires, you could create a recruitment system that sorts through potential applicants for you. It could even be as easy as using a system that automatically puts invites from your emails onto your calendar. 

Applying an automated process to your workflow will reduce errors and increase consistency in output. You won’t have to micromanage because you can be confident that the process will be reliable and have a documented outcome. 

How Can Software Harmonics, LLC Help?

At Software Harmonics, LLC, we work with you one on one to create business process automation solutions that simplify your work and take your business to the next level. By integrating automation into your workflow, we can help you increase your team’s efficiency and accuracy. We automate our own processes every day, and we’ve gotten pretty dang good at it. Our team believes every role should have a set of automated processes with a strong feedback interface and easy-to-understand metrics to guide team members to success. We want to do the same for you.

Our priority is making your vision a reality. Let’s set up a discovery call and make it happen!

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