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How to Budget Time and Money for Your Web Application


We understand that committing to building a web app can be daunting, and to be honest, the budgeting process isn’t easy to navigate the first time around. We would know, we’ve done it ourselves! But we are here to guide you through the process as best as we can. With the right information and a strong team, creating a budget for your web application can be an enjoyable process.

Why do I need to budget for my Web Application?

Web apps are custom made from beginning to end, so each one is going to have a different price tag and timeline. A web app isn’t something you can just pick off a shelf. It requires hours of planning and work, and it often changes as it goes along. Because of this, web apps don’t have a one price fits all model. 

Think of it like buying a car. If you asked someone, “How much is a car?”, you would get a million different responses. A Ferrari and a beat-up 2001 Toyota Camry are going to have very different price tags. Do you want leather seats and a heated steering wheel? This is going to add to the price! For this same reason, web apps have a lot of different factors that go into determining the budget. 

If you googled ‘How much is a web app?’, you would get answers ranging anywhere from $5,000- $200,000. Similarly, the time frame will also vary anywhere from 2-12 months. This varies based on the complexity of the app, the team developing it, the location of the developers, the number of end-users, and the time frame for development. 

Having a budget for your web application is very important so you can plan accordingly. You don’t want to be surprised throughout the process, and you want to know the timeline of your development as well. Start by figuring out your priorities. 

How do I budget for my Web Application?

Design a Roadmap

When we begin to work with you to develop a web app, the first thing we do is sit down and talk with you about your vision for your web app. This allows us to understand your expectations, and you to better understand our processes. From here, we can plan out mission-critical goals to use as guideposts and checkpoints on your development timeline. It is always important to add a little bit of padding to your time frame to add flexibility. We never expect things to happen, but it is better to overestimate than underestimate! 

Create a Timeline for Your MVP

Once we have a vision for the project, we can start to get detailed with the timeline. We normally start by planning the production of a minimum viable product so you can use the bare bones and then re-evaluate after using your web app. After that, we can really get detailed with the design of your product, and then we can refine and test the final web app. Oftentimes, your idea of what you want changes throughout the process. This is normal and to be expected because needs change over time. This is why we use a continuous development model to revisit and refine your goals as we develop your end product, and continue to update your web app as it is used in the future. 

Find the Perfect Fit

Because every company is different, we suggest shopping around and doing a few discovery calls to see who is best suited for you. Everyone is going to have a different process and pricing. Some use developers in house and others outsource their work to different countries. If you prefer your app to be built using a specific or language or system, this could also affect who you choose. Rates can vary based on experience and company reputation. Your first choice may not always be the best for you, and the lowest price isn’t always going to be your best option either. Shop around and weigh the pros and cons as you commit to working with a team!

In general, developing a web app is a flexible process, because it is custom designed from beginning to end. That being said, you should be prepared to be flexible along the way as well. Sometimes the path to success doesn’t look like a straight line, but the end product will be much better because of it!

How does the process work with Software Harmonics, LLC?

At Software Harmonics, LLC, our team uses a continuous development model to work with your vision from beginning to end. From planning and road mapping to prototyping and beta testing, we will use our expertise to guide your project all the way. Our goal is to deliver an update or mission-critical goal of yours biweekly, with plenty of communication in between. 

Our priority is making your vision a reality. Let’s set up a discovery call and make it happen!

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